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If you really want to know more about me, this is the place you've been looking for.

Some basic stuff

Hello! My name is Andrea. There is not much about me, basically I started this blog to share my experiences and thoughts with people and to, somehow, keep track of the most important events I want to remember. I am also running this blog as a way to share my personal opinions about my work and what I do in my life. Since this page is dedicated to me, I have, like in every aboutme page, to talk a little about myself. Be it useful or not, here are some basic information regarding myself and how to contact me.

Intro: I am, actually, an Italian student. I am studying Computer Science Engineering (a very bad alias the Italian Ministery decided to give to the faculty of Ingegneria Informatica, known in the common world as: Software Engineering) at the uni of Catania, Sicily.

Interests: Basically I like sports and music. I like swimming a lot (especially open water swimming), but I also like riding and running. I do not have a favorite singer, I like almost everything that has a good sound... I know it is very vague, but that's the truth. I also like learning foreign languages, that's why, in this blog, you'll see Italian, English, Japanese (and maybe others) posts.

Mailing me

I am very active on the web, I also use social networks but sometimes it can be really crazy to keep up with them, that I find myself much more easier with emails and text messages only. So, if you really wanna have a soon answer use emails.

Blog emails: Using the emails related to this blog, I will be able to respond you in (at most) 24 hours.

  1. Personal blog email: Use me(AT) with a good subject (depending on what you need to ask) to send an email to me. Generally when writing to this address you want to tell me any sort of things.
  2. Information: Use info(AT) with a specific subject (depending on what kind of information you want), when you want to get some information related to this web site.
  3. Flames: Use flames(AT) with a specific subject (depending on your complains), when you want to flame me. Flames are mails containing mild language or sentences that are not really that polite. According to netiquette you should not flame people, unless they have specific channels to let you do so. If you are angry with me for something, please let me know.
  4. Blog and related: Use blog(AT) with a specific subject (depending on what kind of information you want), when you want to get some information related to the blog. For example a post that I wrote and you would like to know more but you do not want others to see your question (you might not want to post a comment).
  5. Rates: Use rate(AT) with a specific subject (depending on what you want to rate), when you wish to express your opinion or rating about something in my blog on website. Try to be specific.

Personal email: My personal email is sure the fastest way to get an answer from me, but, please, be very considerate when emailing me something using my personal address. Use this email only for important matters not strictly related to this blog. andry.tino(AT)

SkyPe: Some do think SkyPe is really necessary in life. Well I think it can be useful. If you are interested, this is my SkyPe contact: eng.andry.tino or just search my name in SkyPe, you'll find me. But do not expect me to be there when you open your account, generally if we need to talk I need to know what time to connect, so, first, we will settle something by email.

Social networks

I have many friends who like having some sort of second life on social networks with lots of virtual friends as if they were collecting cards. Well in my case I do tend to be more moderate with social networking. I like them, but also like interacting with people face to face; of course I cannot do this with all those people I befriended living abroad. So let's say that I quite like social networks, but if you need to contact me as soon as possible, just use emails. By the way, following you will find my accounts in the most common socials.

Google Plus: You can find me in Google communities. This is the link to .

Twitter: You can find me on Twitter. This is my name: eng.andry.tino.

Facebook: Among all communities this is the one I dislike the most, but everyone uses it and sometimes it can be very handy to organize events. You can find me on Facebook just by searching my name.

All over the world... following Phileas Fogg's footprints

One of the most important things of me is the following: I like travelling and discovering new places. Although I haven't been in so many places, I would like to go almost everywhere. Here's a map I would like, in time, to cover with pins... consider it as a lifetime target.

Some further notes...

I know this is not much, but I am running my first blog and, furthermore, I also have many things to do. I think that my aboutme page, actually, sucks :). However, I promise I will change it as soon as I have more time to dedicate to this delicate issue. Thanks for comprehending.

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