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This blog has different functionalities that common users can use. This page should be read before using those functions in order to understand how to have a great experience without demaging others.

What a blog is

This web site is a web blog. It means that it contains many things related to the person who is running it. In this case, is my personal blog.

My intention is to share with all people I know, and also other people too, many experiences of mine, and also other things too. This web space is to be considered like a sort of great white paper where, everytime that I want, I place several kinds of information: from my private life, to my personal interests and professional stuff.

This web site's content is not created by me only. I manage the content and I can post new entries in my blog. I want to let all people I know (and them only) write the blog too; I mean that you can, if authorized by me, post some comments on a particular blog entry of your choice. Being this a functionality that allows extra content to be added in my web site, I ask you to follow some rules. Don't forget that this is my space, these rules are like the rules everyone of us should observe when entering someone else's house.


Commenting is no simple thing. Recently, many web applications allow people to comment. And some well known rules have been considered to be efficent posters. Please observe the following rules when posting your comments in my blog:

  1. Inappropriate content: Don't post illegal, immoral, racist, inconvenient, rude content. Every comment containing one of these elements will be removed and, in those required scenarios, reasonably notified to authorities. This applies to linked pages too.
  2. Be considerate of others: Privacy is something everyone of us cares about. DO NOT mention other people's activity, names, information that might violate their privacy. What you post should concern you and you only. Whenever a violation of this rule is encountered in posts, I will remove them. Please note that it is not just a matter of good manners; many countries have laws that protect people's privacy.
  3. Direct answers and references: Comments will appear in a descending date ordered list. If you're attempting to answer to a particular user, and not just posting a comment about the blog entry, please put the following string @<Name>: before your text. For example, if you want to answer to user John who posted a comment about his trip, then write @John: Hey man, nice places you've seen in your trip.
  4. Be pertinent: Don't post content that is unrelated with the blog entry you're posting into. If the blog entry talks about my trip in Toronto, please don't tell me about the new car you brought yesterday.
  5. Linking: If possible, avoid typing too many links in your comment. Pages on the web are very transient sometimes; there are, of course, exceptions like Wikipedia and similar other; however, consider, before create links in your comment, the availability of the linked page in future times, your link may become unreachable in time.
  6. No spam, no ad: I guess it's easy to understand, no need about more explaination :).
Comments structure and content

There are some rules the content of comments must meet:

  1. Min length: Posts have a minimum length, in order to successfully publish a comment, the system will require it to be at least 50 characters. This prevents users from posting banal content. Comments can be many and the page might become really long. It is proven that many comments in blogs consists in simple emoticon or smiles. In my blog, I would like to avoid this situation to happen. For this reason, please, post comments whose content is significant for the entire blog and also for other users.
  2. Max length: Comments cannot exceed 5000 characters. It is about 5 Lorem Ipsum paragraphs. This is, of course, in order to prevent users from posting too much. Posting long comments, too long comments, might result in some sort of conversation monopolization. A blog entry and its comments are like a conversation. All parties have the same rights to speak (post) and listen (read). Too long comments are like people talking for hours without letting others express their opinion. For this reason, please, be concise when posting. If you think it to be necessary, use all 5000 characters in order to say what you feel.
  3. Typing rules: In order to avoid the comment to be a unique flow, paragraphs can be created by typing a double carriage return.

In order to post a comment, you need two information, these information are personal:

  1. Username: The username is your name in this context. Everytime you will use your username, your post will be saved as yours and your name will appear with it. You need your username in order to create a post.
  2. Password: A password is created together with your username. username and password form a pair. Your password is to be kept secret. This information is needed in order to create a post.
How to create your user

As I said before, not everyone can post comments in my blog. To be enabled to do so, you need a pair of strings called credentials. These credentials consist in an username and a password. To get these information (personal information), you should do the following:

  1. Notify me: Send me an email at the account blog(AT) with subject New User Request. In this email you should explain me who you are. If we already know each other, just let know, in any other case simply tell me some basic information on yourself (name, surname, nationality and age) and for what specific reason you would like to join my blog. Don't forget to specify your email (if you do not specify any, I will consider the one through which you are sending me the request); this email is very important because it will be used by me to send your personal access information.
  2. Account creation: After sending me your email, I will receive it and process your request creating a username and a password for you. Please note that you will not decide your username and your password, I will generate a random password for you and a username strictly based on your name, surname and second name (homonyms will be treated adding more characters in the username).

Please consider the following on your account:

  1. Password refresh: Password will be refreshed and notified to your email. Password refresh ensures a better quality of the security for your account. I will send you the new password to your email.
  2. Account operations: For any problem or request concerning your account, please email me at blog(AT) with subject Account Operation Request - <Operation> specifying the operation requested. For example, if you want to change your password because you fear someone stole it, the subject of the email should be: Account Operation Request - New password.

The information in this page are useful for me and you to keep this blog clean and readable. Thank you for helping me.

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